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About the NESN.

Simulation, Immersive and Human Factors Group

Faculty of Patient Safety



The North East Simulation Network (NESN) represents the simulation-based education community in the North East and Cumbria, bringing together practitioners and experts from the NHS and higher education institutions.

The Faculty of Patient Safety (FPS) at NHS England North East & Cumbria guides our educational direction, translating national guidance and regional needs into practical education through the FPS Simulation, Immersive, and Human Factors Group. This group provides a range of opportunities for NESN members, including regional sharing events, faculty development opportunities, and career support for simulation technicians and fellows.

Since its inception in April 2014, NESN has grown significantly. The first Regional Interest in Simulation Meeting, held at the University Hospital of North Tees, laid the groundwork for the delivery of simulation-based courses. This meeting also fostered the development of a regional network to unite various specialist interest groups, promote simulation training, and encourage multidisciplinary training across the region.


Membership is automatic for anyone involved in simulation-based education, augmented reality, or human factors-based education.

Today, NESN is recognized as one of the strongest simulation communities of practice nationally, with our work being upscaled to other regions. We encourage participation and welcome feedback from our members to help shape our strategies and ensure the success of our initiatives.

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Key contacts.


Dr Niall Mullen 

Clinical Lead for Simulation Network (Medical & Dental)


Assistant Professor Alan Platt

(HEI, Nursing & AHP)

Deputy Clinical Lead


Dr Katherine Williamson


Faculty Of Patient Safety Chair



Tom Hayes


Regional Simulation Technician Champion



Dr Chris Taylor




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