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Faculty of Patient Safety.

The Faculty Of Patient Safety is a multi-professional, high level strategic group that directs the Patient Safety workstream on behalf of NHSE NENC. 

The Faculty meets quarterly, bringing together representatives from all North East and North Cumbria NHS Trusts, health education institutes, medical examiners, postgraduate training schools, and other key stakeholders.


Significant amounts of data and reports are produced regarding mortality, investigations and patient experience that the Faculty aim to utilise to develop a tiered educational approach via sharing events, multi-professional simulation training and integrating into doctors in training postgraduate programmes.

The Faculty brings together experienced practitioners with expertise around patient safety, human factors, simulation based education, regional services and networks, regional morbidity surveillance and national initiatives. By working closely with a network of healthcare professionals, educators, and patient safety experts, the Faculty aims to tailor education to the needs of patients and align with postgraduate curricula across various specialties. Our collaborative efforts extend to partnerships with charities and voluntary organisations to continually improve patient care in the North East.


Our strategy also includes community engagement through the MELISSA buses mobile units equipped to provide both educational and clinical services directly to the public and professionals in community and social care settings.

Major work streams:

Dissemination of learning from safety events and never events

Simulation and human factors related to patient safety



Immersive technologies such as augmented reality educational tools

Key contacts.


Dr Katherine Williamson

Faculty Of Patient Safety Lead and Committee Chair


Ewa Heydecke

Faculty of Patient Safety Business Manager

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