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Historically the support given to returning training has been highly variable, ranging from a phased return with a supernumerary period and extra supervision to being left alone to manage an unfamiliar department on a night shift. It has (finally) been recognised that the latter is good for no-one, the department, the patients or indeed the returning trainee. The sessions will be delivered by credible faculty ranging from Consultants in each of the respective school specialities, safeguarding staff and resusitation officers.

To try to improve the experience of returning to training we have put together a programme comprising of a number of half day sessions which are described below.

We recognise that no two returning trainees will have identical requirements. You come from a range of specialities, are at varying places in your training programme from CT1to ST7, and were of out programme for different durations and different reasons. For that reason none of these sessions are obligatory, you are encouraged to reflect on your needs returning, possibly discuss this with your supervisor and then book onto as many or as few of the sessions as you need. Every session is free of charge. The are all half day sessions for a variety of reasons including to make it easier for those who need child care, or who need to build up there stamina. They are all based at University Hospital of Hartlepool (TS24 9AH) as this is relatively central and has good parking.

Every trainee is welcome to sign up for every session; the exception to this would be the adult simulation sessions, each one of which will happen twice. The reason for this is that we wish to limit the group size to ten to ensure the best possible simulation training experience.

If you do wish to attend the duplicate simulation sessions (the nature of these things being that even if the same scenarios are run different learning points are likely to come out of them) AND one week prior to the session there are still places available you would be most welcome.

Please email to reserve your place

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