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Updates on the use of Simulation Based Medical Education within this Speciality

There are currently three simulation based training programmes that are delivered within Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS FT.
The first of these is aimed at developing communication skills in speciality psychiatry trainees in the first year of core training. This training uses actors to take on a variety of roles simulating challenging situations trainees may face in clinical practice. Trainees are observed in the simulated situations and then provided with verbal and written feedback on their performance the content of which is used to inform future development needs.

The second simulation based training offered by the trust, with the support of HENE is the SIMH training programme.

The third simulation based training that is offered is aimed at higher speciality psychiatry trainees and aims to broadly improve skills in the oral presentation of clinical information. This training is focussed on the specific area of mental health tribunals, where a psychiatrist is required to provide written and oral evidence to a panel of people considering whether ongoing detention under the mental health act is legal and clinically appropriate. In this training the trainee presents their evidence to a simulated tribunal panel and is then questioned on this by both the panel and a solicitor taking the part of a detained patient's solicitor. Feedback is again provided from facilitators supported by video recordings of performance.