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Updates on the use of Simulation Based Medical Education within this Speciality

The Great North Air Ambulance...
has a long history of training doctors in the skills required to work as effective team members in and out of hospital environment. Alongside London HEMS (now LAA) it was the first provider in the country to operate using the Doctor-Paramedic model that is now widely replicated. As such, it had to find novel ways of taking doctors with hospital critical care skills and explore the correct ways to use these skills outside of the hospital for the first time. It was this need that saw creation of the early 'HEMS Crew Courses' (produced jointly with London)

The training delivered by GNAAS has changed greatly over time, but this has been through a process of evolution rather than revolution. This reflect the fact that many of the core skills required to be an effective prehospital clinician revolve as much around non-technical skills (or human factors) as they do around technical skills. The operational teams at GNAAS work hard to ensure that they are as effective in communication, leadership and team work as they are at inserting a chest drain, or performing prehospital RSI.

Jeff Doran
Consultant Anaesthetist
James Cook University Hospital
Great North Air Ambulance