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Updates on the use of Simulation Based Medical Education within this Speciality

Examples of some of the uses for simulation in Medical Education

  • Education – from Undergraduate to Consultant level Simulation can be used in a variety of ways to teach both technical and non-technical skills.
  • Exams – Simulation is already being used for the PLAB exams and some of the anaesthetics exams. Likely to see this increasing in more areas in the future.
  • Quality improvement – eg UHNT are using simulation to trial out new ways of organising the paediatric resuscitation department
  • Patient Safety – eg UHNT are using simulation to improve Non-invasive ventilation delivery
  • Patient and Parental Education
  • Assessment – Simulation can be used for cases we see infrequently eg burns, anaphylaxis etc where it may be difficult for trainees to be observed managing a real-life case
  • Innovation and research

Dr Nadia Stock
Acute Medical Consultant