TEL Project - What makes a good Sim Network?

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TEL Project - What makes a good Sim Network?

The TEL programme is developing a Simulation Based Education Toolkit. They are currently looking at one of the additions to this toolkit around "What makes a good Simulation Networks"

The process for developing this guidance is planned as follows:

  1. In the first instance it was agreed important to go out to members of the sim networks to find out how the current networks are operating. This will hopefully give a true perspective across the country and once this data has been gathered and analysed, a report will be prepared and shared. This will be step one of the process and will be managed via a questionnaire, which has been based on one developed and kindly shared by the South London Office .

  2. Step two will involve further discussions within the task and finish group in order to consider the key themes that emerge from the responses to the questionnaire. In this way best practice can be highlighted, which will help those areas seeking support in the development of their networks.

If anyone within the North East or North Cumbria would like to participate in the survey please go to

The closing date for submission is 23rd August 2019

Please note you do not need to be a registered member with the network to participate

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