Scoping the Integration of Simulation Based Education

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Scoping the Integration of Simulation Based Education

Are you involved in Simulation Based Education in the North East?

There is an opportunity to be involved in SBE based research for the North Region.

What is the purpose of the research?

Simulation Based Education has been recognised as a valuable way to prepare healthcare workers for practice. Simulation Based Education includes the use of tools, devices, and/or an environment that mimics an aspect of clinical care to improve health care provider performance, health care processes, and ultimately patient outcomes. Health Education England, who have commissioned this research, recognise that the appropriate application and use of Simulation Based Education can be potentially increased as part of the delivery of healthcare pre-registration programmes, aiding the development of clinical knowledge, skills and practice, whilst also contributing to clinical placement capacity management approaches, this research will consider the current state of simulation education integration by healthcare education providers and an assessment of the potential for its further development. The research consists of a short online questionaire followed by a short telephone based interview at a time conveniant to yourself.

Who is conducting the research?

There is a team of researchers being led by Prof Ellen Schafheutle, Senior Lecturer in Law & Professionalism at the Centre for Pharmacy Workforce Studies, Division of Pharmacy and Optometry, University of Manchester. Data collection for the study is being conducted by Dr Jane Ferguson, Research Associate, Division of Pharmacy and Optometry.

If you choose to take part in this study, with your permission, we will share the information you provide on the themes above with Health Education England (HEE) North who have commissioned this research. This is so that HEE North will have an overview of the integration and development of SBE in your organisation - which will help to identify where support is needed and inform their strategic planning. If you decide to take part, you will also have the opportunity to share confidential and anonymous views on the integration, delivery and development of SBE in your organisation. HEE North will not have access to this anonymised aggregated data and will not have direct access to the confidential information you provide if you decide to take part in the research. This study has received HRA site approval and ethical approval from the University of Manchester Research Ethics Committee [2018-4282-6875].

If you wish to be involved then there is a consent form to return and a participant information sheet available below.

Consent Form

Participant Information Sheet

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